The Best Ute Tool Boxes

The Best Ute Tool Boxes

Lockable sturdy tool boxes add a level of safety and security to your ute that it otherwise lacks in standard kind– especially in regards to keeping your tools and work equipment– or whatever you want truly– stashed and protected from the results of nature and also those members of society who are, ahem, rather morally challenged and might be inclined to assist themselves to what is not theirs. It’s important to ensure you select the best steel tool box for your ute, truck or service lorry

The addition of a compressor is all you need to put the finishing touches on your mobile mechanic setup– either mounted in between packages or under the deck to conserve space. Installing the compressor between the tool kits provides you storage area to move items beneath, while the underdeck compressor leaves the deck space totally free– and is also super-easy to service!


With over 50 designs, there is something to match everyone. The toolbox range includes under tray side boxes, gullwing, rectangular shape, one tonner (side opening), square edge, drawbar, integrated drawer design, low profile, tray top drawers, cross deck, pet dog boxes and undertray roller drawers.

Types of Ute Tool Boxes

Ute toolboxes are incredibly handy throughout long journeys. Ridgeback’s Aluminium Truck Boxes are the finest addition to any worker’s inventory. These boxes are strongly built and able to endure the harshest conditions. The toughness is impressive and at a cost that is really budget-friendly. Devices or anything else, these are an ideal fit if you need a location to shop tools.

Check out our series of steel, plastic and aluminium ute tool boxes for tray back utes, including under tray toolboxes. The range incorporates all useful setups consisting of tubs, trays and drawers for safe, convenient tool storage.

High Sided Full Door Boxes

High Sided Tool Box with 2 Drawers Under

Steel Job Site Boxes

Rectangular Tool Boxes

Gullwing Boxes

Tiger Toolbox Drawer Unit

Toolbox Shelves

Sided Partial Door Boxes

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