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While it may be hard to believe, this double stroller was actually able to maneuver on a slight slope Click here for Review, but it was not smooth and quiet as one would expect from a double stroller. If you want to read the Uppababy Vista Double Stroller Review, you can find it online or on the Uppababy Upline Vista Double Stroller Review site.

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This stroller was built with stability in mind, and the strollers can be used in places with the soft ground like a bed, and a hard floor like a patio. There are several models available to choose from, so you will be sure to find a model that will suit your needs. The best thing about these strollers is that it does not make you feel like you are riding in a car. It does not weigh as much as you would think it would when you go shopping for one, and it is very lightweight.

If you are not sure what stroller to get, you may be better off getting a larger one. They are a bit heavy duty and you may want to consider buying an Upline Stroller instead of a Vista Double Stroller because of the extra safety features.

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