Barcelona Driving School – the best option?

To make sure you get your Spanish driving license in the most convenient way, it is very important to sign up for a local driving school. Driving school will assist you on every step of the process which will save you lots of time and mental energy. One of the places to go for high quality services in this industry is Driving School Barcelona. This driver’s school provides theoretical driving and practical driving classes, they also help with all the document submission and paperwork assistance for their students. This barcelona driving school is very well known for its high quality service among the local English speaking expat community.

Their track record of successful exam passing percentages of the students is very impressive. Majority of the students pass their driving examinations fro the first try. Driving school offers various packages starting from online course that provides you with all the content material for the theory exam to physical classroom based intensive theory courses taught in English. This driving school also provides practical driving classes, they have both mechanical and automatic transmission vehicles. All of the practical driving lessons are tutored by English speaking driving instructors of the school. Based on the preference and the previous experience of the student the courses are chosen. There is also a possibility of a package that includes driver’s school registration and paperwork assistance – this option is mostly preferred by expats that have many years of driving experience, all the study materials and confidence to study and pass all the driving examinations on their own.

Packages offered by the driving school can also be personalised based on the circumstances of the student. Some of the driving license holders from other countries can swap their driving license for spanish one without any examination or in some cases only practical examination. It is always advised to first consult with the driving school on this matter.


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