Tips On How To Buy Indian Art Collections

Art has been part of the Indian culture for hundreds of years, and art in this case means paintings. From traditional to modern, paintings, in general, are a big part of history in India. They have not only survived through wars but also natural disasters that have destroyed many homes. 

If you are looking to buy an Indian collection, the following information might be useful for you.

1. Check if the particular Indian art collection has sufficient documents proving its authenticity.

These should come with a certificate of authentication from either an auction house or someone very reputable in the field. Most genuine Indian art collectors also agree that it is best to purchase an item only when it comes together with photographs of the piece taken before and after restoration, as well as written references on where they acquired it from (preferably with contact details), authentic certificates of authentication by reputed grading companies like Sotheby’s or Bonhams, along with detailed provenance information on location and previous ownerships.

And if possible have some sort of insurance to guard against any possible theft and loss.

2. Check how old the item is.

One can find older items in auctions, but you should know that authentic Indian art collections worth a fortune will not be very common at auctions as they are usually kept within families or passed down from one generation to another. The best places where such items might be found are private galleries and dealers, though it’s always risky to buy such an expensive piece without proper provenance.

3. Compare prices across different dealers and auction houses both online and offline to get the best deal possible for your money.

Make sure however that you’re buying from a reputable dealer (and/or auction house) with good reviews and positive feedbacks. This is your best assurance that you are buying real Indian art collections.

4. Be wary of scam dealers. On the Internet.

Many sites are purporting to sell authentic Indian art collections, but unless they can prove their authenticity beyond doubt, it’s recommended that you stay away from them.

One common strategy is for these dealers to advertise expensive items at ridiculously low rates just so they can attract potential buyers (such as VIPs or celebrities who may not be aware of the actual value) and later makeup how these items were sold elsewhere by claiming there was some sort of “error” on part of the site management; complaints filed against such practices typically fall on deaf ears once the dealer has the money in hand. There have even been reports of bogus dealers producing fake documents to back up their claims of authenticity.

5. Identify the type of Indian art collection that would work best for you.

Do you want something traditional or modern? Do you have a large or small budget available? You must know what your needs and requirements are before even thinking about spending money on such an expensive purchase (it’s highly recommended that one consult a professional when in doubt).

Some people also prefer to buy directly from artists, but considering how many fakes pass off as authentic between collectors and online dealers, it might be more prudent not to do so in this case (unless they can prove authenticity beyond any reasonable doubt). There is no dearth of good pieces out there, so it might be a good idea to be patient and spend time identifying the right pieces for you.

6. Finally, if you have decided on what sort of art collection works for your needs and budget.

Acquire only from trusted dealers who can provide proper documents of authenticity as mentioned above. Not doing so not only puts yourself at risk of acquiring fake pieces but also losing money in the process should that happen.

In conclusion, when looking to buy Indian art collections whether online or offline, always be cautious and never take chances because an investment such as this certainly deserves nothing less than utmost care and attention.

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