What To Consider In A Landscape Designs

A landscape design is a concept that is composed of lines, colours, textures and other design elements to create an image for the landscape. It’s important to consider many factors when designing landscape ideas because it can be difficult to recover from making incorrect decisions early on in the project.

Good landscape designers will often study their environment and carefully consider the landscape of their local community. A landscape design is often designed with consideration to the surrounding landscape so that it complements the environment.

Some of the things to consider when designing landscape designs include:

1. Sunlight

How much sunlight will be available throughout each day? Where are the shadows? Where are there no shadows, or just a few? Is there afternoon sun on particular areas of your landscape design project?

2. Water 

How much water is available throughout the landscape? Are there any areas where you will need elevated landscape because of high water tables or floods? Will there be a need for irrigation in this landscape design project?

3. Climate

What type of climate exists in your landscape design project area? Do you have to consider wind, wind protection and other natural elements that exist in your landscape design region? Are you going to need shade because it’s warmer, or are there trees already providing shade so you don’t have to plant any trees yourself?

4. Gravel / Dirt

Are you going to use loose rock instead of grass for your landscape design? Or do you want a mix of both for the contrast between different textures? Is the dirt compacted or loose? You may have to bring in a landscape design company that specializes in landscape grading if the soil is too compacted.

5. Plants 

What kind of plants will you use in your landscape design? Are you planting trees, shrubs, cacti, grasses, flowers or other foliage? It’s important to know exactly what type of landscape design takes place where when deciding upon which plants you want in your landscape design. Make sure they’re going to be hardy for the landscape design construction zone and not need much water after being planted.

6. Concrete / Masonry 

A lot of landscape designs involve some amount of concrete or masonry work for patios and walkways that lead up to a house or down a path. What landscape design ideas do you have for patios? Flagstone? Concrete brick pavers? Cobblestone or gravel to create a Zen-like landscape design path?

Landscape designs can be complicated and should take into consideration local weather, the landscape surrounding the landscape design project, customer needs and wants, available materials used in the construction of landscape designs projects and more. It’s worth consulting with landscape designers before spending too much time on your landscape design because once it’s complete there isn’t much that can be done about it if you realize later that something doesn’t work out as planned.

To ensure successful landscape designs are created, all potential problems should be considered ahead of time so they don’t affect the final landscape design product after construction is complete.

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