Guide To Choosing Entertainment For Weddings

Enjoyment. A few words that describe anybody charged to select wedding event entertainment that is best for their big day.

If so– hello!), unless you take place to be an experienced occasion planner ( it can be hard to comprehend what type of entertainment will create the ideal environment.

We have spent some time breaking down factors, entertainment choices, and how to go about choosing listed below and check out Lily Road Wedding entertainment is one of Australia’s BEST wedding bands comprising a group of select musicians and DJ’s. We pride ourselves on providing top quality wedding entertainment featuring beautiful acoustic music and energetic performances by seasoned professional musicians.

What Should You Consider When You Select Wedding Home Entertainment?

After you state “YES” to your new better half, angels sing and you want to shout from the rooftops, or Instagram, that you’re engaged!

However, a couple of days later when the enjoyment disappears– the overwhelming task of planning an entire wedding begins to sink in.

One area that is frequently neglected by freshly engaged couples is home entertainment. It may be appealing to select wedding event home entertainment closer to your big day, home entertainment suppliers book their gigs way in advance.

After all, once you’ve invested your hard-earned money, employed all your suppliers, and put your finest foot forward– you’re going to wish to have a rocking party to celebrate!

Below are a few elements for finding to think about before you picking wedding home entertainment for your day.

Speak To Your Venue Supplier

Before you book a wedding event band, it’s crucial to have a frank conversation with your location company. For different reasons, many wedding event venues impose strict policies on live music.

Numerous wedding DJs and bands can modify their efficiency to adhere to the limitations set by the value owner. However, they are required to learn about sound limiters and other constraints ahead of time, so that they can bring along the right music equipment. If you find this talk of sound limit is a little tough, do not fret. Many wedding entertainment agencies are experienced in dealing with such intricate concepts and can react to all the questions you may have.

Set A Budget

The expense of a trustworthy live music band for a wedding event you must expect to pay differs commonly, varying from numerous Euros to tens of thousands. A band with lots of members costs more than one with a few members. Other factors that affect the cost of these services include the band’s popularity, how far they must take a trip to attend your wedding, their experience, and more.

Musical Home Entertainment

Discover The Perfect Fit

Picking your wedding event entertainment can get you seeming like goldilocks as you browse the preferences and interests of your variety of visitors. Between Live bands and DJs, and even from solo acts to complete 8pc bands, there are numerous aspects to think about.

Home Entertainment Frequently Asked Question

Cover Your Bases

Preparation for a wedding is stressful. From the info you’ll need to have before booking to questions to ask the talent team, this guide will guarantee you have all your bases covered for the optimal stress-reduced reservation experience. Make sure to ask these questions.

What you’ll learn:

  • What to understand before you book
  • How to choose your musical skill
  • Essential questions to ask
  • Special Entertainment
  • Offer ’em something to discuss

You have the ideal venue, your catering is on point. Time for that special something that will have Instagram buzzing and make your wedding another bride-to-be’s Pinterest inspo. From aerial champagne putting to dancers to special interactive performances, think about these special wedding event entertainment concepts.


Typically, a wedding singer or band will charge you by the hour so, prior to making any commitments, make sure that you have actually assembled a precise schedule for your day. Make sure to thoroughly think about the style and pace of music in relation to what will be occurring and how your guests will be feeling at various bottom lines throughout the day.

If you envisage classical wedding event music with a string quartet for your event, but a rock band to produce a more lively ambience in the evening, make certain you just book each entertainer for the correct amount of time– you do not want to commit to paying a wedding event artist for four hours when you just require them for 2.

Book your wedding event home entertainment well beforehand to make sure that they are offered, and offer them details about the venue so that they have an opportunity to employ and prepare the right equipment to fill your space with noise.

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