Hen’s Nights And Bridal Showers, What’s The Difference?

While both play crucial roles in western wedding celebrations, standard hens nights and bridal showers have little in common; the previous is associated with penis paraphernalia, plastic tiaras, and scantily clad firefighters, while the latter is a generally more sophisticated and multi-generational affair. So do they serve equally exclusive purposes, and is it really required to have both? Read on to reach our verdict

Hens’ Nights

If you’re not comfortable surrounded by male genitalia– albeit plastic– a standard hen’s night is probably not your style. Felix cupcakes, penis straws and sex toys are simply the start of what is developed to be a wild night of bar hopping raucousness, double dares and ice-breaker games.

Prepare to be dragged out of your comfort zone and onto a nearby phase– bridal celebrations make it their service to guarantee everybody within a 1km radius understands there’s a hen on the loose! The bridal celebration is responsible for organising the night, consisting of locations, lodging, invites, transport, designs, games, costumes and typically male home entertainment.

What happens?

Hen party

As long as there are plenty of amusing hen night devices– like the dependable male blow-up doll– it should not matter where you are. There are plenty of hen party craft workshops that let you make anything from shoes to underwear, and you might always book in a cocktail-making class or stomach dancing lesson before heading out for the night. Fun and Unique Hens Night Party ideas in Melbourne? Check imp. Source here


Hen celebration

The factor behind most hen parties is to offer the bride-to-be a final night of flexibility with her buddies. To let her hair down without a care, before the wedding event nerves and stresses begin. Basically, the organiser’s objective is to meet this function by tossing as numerous hen night devices and styles her method, so the wedding never enters her mind for a second. 

A fantastic method to do this is fancy dress. From neon and nurse to sailor and schoolgirl; there are all kinds of styles out there and it’s a fantastic way for her to get out of herself for a while.

Bridal Showers

In a somewhat more civilised style than hens’ nights, bridal showers enable you and your bridal party to relax and invigorate before the wedding day. They can be a great opportunity for the bride to thank her party for their support and presence throughout the wedding preparation, and can frequently consist of the bride-to-be giving a small gift or token of their gratitude to their made from honour and bridesmaids.

Activities can include– but by no means are restricted to– high tea, winery tours, medical spa treatments, life illustration, cooking classes, charity showers, pyjama parties and in-home underwear demonstrations. Sure, the event can include alcohol, however, overindulging is usually not as appropriate as it would be at say a hen’s night.

Bridal showers are aptly named since it’s the best time for the bride-to-be’s close friends and family to ‘shower’ her with love and presents ahead of her special day.

They vary from hen parties as the tone is more sophisticated, hosted at home with décor, includes Afternoon Tea and gifts. The objective of a bridal shower is to assist the bride-to-be to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends who wouldn’t be comfortable at a hen celebration. The bride is ‘showered’ with gifts, generally of your home range and typically toasts are made in her honour– it’s not surprising brides love them– and everyone saves a little bit of money too with not needing to dispense for hen party activities.

What To Use?

Outfits for a bridal shower are typically quite official; think cocktail gowns, trouser fits, shirts and pants for the males. Certainly, the bride-to-be wears white, assisting her to stand out and practice being centre of attention for the wedding day! 

The Verdict

You might have checked out through this and believe that just one of these parties would be sufficient and you’d be. Nobody is required to celebrate. The only concern with just having these celebrations is that you don’t get all the advantages.

If you avoid the bridal shower, then you will not be showered with gifts and your young household, moms and dads or grandparents won’t be there to celebrate at your hen’s. You might regret not letting your hair down and having a carefree enjoyable night with your ladies if you avoid the hen’s and choose for just the bridal shower.

For lots of brides-to-be, both the bridal shower and the hen’s party sound like incredible activities. We believe that if you like the noise of both, then have both, because who does not desire numerous celebrations committed to them?


Lots of brides are uncertain about whether to have a hen’s night, a bridal shower or both. If you have actually checked out the above and believe that maybe we still have actually discovered the right celebration type, then don’t worry, we’ve got more up our sleeves.

Swap tequila shots for whisky or white wine– instead of getting wild at a dance club which may be really far from your scene, think about a glass of wine or whisky tasting. Anybody who’s been to either of these understands how enjoyable it can be without there being anything too wild or insane at all.

Opt-out of the elegant soiree and do a class– for brides who find themselves bored when they’re not doing something with their hands, consider taking a class with your bridal shower guests instead of simply grabbing over prosecco. You can take a flower crown making class, a cooking class, a pottery class or perhaps a life drawing class. None of this has to be ridiculous or saucy, but can be a gorgeous bonding experience where you’re ensured to have a great deal of enjoyment.

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