How To Choose Flower Girl Dresses Outfits?

The flower woman and her dress are huge points on your to-do list. In this guide we’ll walk you step by action through everything and offer you all the suggestions and tricks about the subject, to turn your little one into a flower woman pro!

If you’re about to have your huge wedding event day and desire to make selecting the flower lady and her outfit a breeze – state no more. And if your daughter or niece simply had the fantastic honour of getting picked as the flower woman, and you want to make sure you don’t miss any details– keep reading. And for Unique Flower girl Dresses & Page Boy Wedding Attire Shops in Melbourne, why not check here.

What Is A Flower Girl?

A huge part of the wedding is the flower woman. If you’re new to this and don’t know what the function is everything about, attempt to go back to a wedding scene you saw recently. You most likely remember the cute, cute little lady who scattered flower petals on the wedding event aisle, while introducing the bride to the entire crowd.


Children have a routine of growing, so it is essential to leave buying all set to wear clothing for youngsters to as near to the wedding event as possible. We would suggest no more than 3 months prior to the wedding and make sure where possible that the children try them on before the special day in case changes are required. If you are thinking of purchasing bespoke clothing, contact us now– the more time we have, the much better.


The most essential aspect of your young attendants’ outfits is that they are comfortable in them. , if the children are using something scratchy and uncomfortable uneasy day uneasy be miserable!! Make certain you purchase something lined and the best quality you can manage.

It’s YOUR Choice

I constantly encourage the bride-to-be to fulfil her vision when it comes to picking the design and colour of her flower lady dresses and pageboy attire and not be extremely affected by anyone else. It’s your day after all.

Consider The Season.

Flower women need to wear clothes that work with the season. Stick with short sleeves and open-toed shoes for warm-weather weddings, and consider including sweatshirts or tights to the ensemble for cold-weather weddings. That method, she will not be too hot or cold throughout the day.

Prepare for her to become it.

When selecting a flower girl dress, don’t worry about finding the best fit. The flower girl shouldn’t wear anything oversized or frumpy, but form-fitting dress often feel too restrictive.

Wrinkle Factor And Quality

You want to remember that little ladies do not sit still either at the reception nor will they stand still while you state your swears. They likewise will not stay still even though they are currently dressed while you attempt to put on your wedding gown either. Since she will want to move around and on the off opportunity you can get her to remain seated while you dress, you wish to make sure that your flower woman’s gown stays neat and pretty. 

Constantly select materials that are not easily wrinkled and possibly ripped. Stay away from fabrics such as silk and velour to prevent wrinkle and tear, though they can frequently be really comfy. The quality of the fabric is a must take notice of. If your little flower girl can wait, you might want to dress her last.


There are 2 different lengths that you need to think about when choosing your flower lady dress, floor-length and tea-length. You do not want your stunning little flower girl to fall and get embarrassed in front of everyone.

Not The Perfect Fit

Flower lady fittings are a bit various from wedding event and bridesmaid gowns, which’s a good thing for you!

While your bridal gown requires to fit perfectly to the shape of your body and the hem needs to be ideal, with the kids, you can be more flexible.

Fluid soft silk gowns can loosely skim and don’t stress excessive about the hemline, as it’s ok for flower women to have the skirt a little off the ground, even to their ankles or ballerina length.

One Size Up

Because flower ladies are generally quite young, there is most likely to be some development in between the time that you choose the dress and the wedding day, however do not worry!

Order a size or 2 up from what she’s presently wearing (depending on your timings and the age of your child), and you will be fine.Benefit knowledge: Made to buy dresses from Dessy Girl and Nicki McFarlane are made with about a 1″ joint allowance, making them easy to let out if your little beloved grows faster than expected.

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